Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crayola Color Wonder Art Desk with Stamper

Looking for Crayola Color Wonder with discount price today. On this blog our review Crayola Color Wonder with discount price on the online store.

Crayola Color Wonder feature :
  • Stamping is an open-ended, process-focused art experience perfect for preschoolers
  • Broad stamp design outlines jungle-themed creatures that children can easily color for unique outcomes
  • Self contained storage perfect for on-the-go
  • It encourages small motor skill development through a tactile experience
Crayola Color Wonder free Art Desk and stamper price was update and with discount price too. Check it today.
Magical, mess-free stamping! color wonder inks are clear but the mess-free light-up stamper magically knows what color you're using. Hold it over the orange ink pad and the handle lights up orange. Watch it change colors over the green and purple pads too. Includes 12 pages of color wonder paper, 3 mini markers, 10 ocean-themed stamps

Crayola Color Wonder Free Art Desk and Stamper Reviews
Crayola Color Wonder Free Art Desk and Stamper Reviews last week :
We typically use all the Crayola products and are generally very pleased with them. This product is no different provided you understand it is best for younger kids.

With this product you get three color wonder markers and three stamp pads, plus a book of blank Color Wonder paper. Like the other Wonder products, you do not need to worry about staining carpets or walls as the products only work on the Wonder paper. Like another reviewer noted, children over 6 will lose interest quickly compared to those younger than six. The product does not need batteries to operate but the younger kids seem to like when it lights up (batteries are not provided). Overall a very simple toy with limited application in that you stamp the Wonder paper with the stamps and then color in the stamps with a Wonder marker.


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